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Frank Ocean - Nikes Video Screenshot
In honor of Frank Ocean‘s reemergence with the beautiful new single “Nikes,” we’d like to highlight the two most-popular videos on our YouTube channel (you’re following right?) which just happen to be about interviewing and contracting at the world-famous athletic brand. From pop charts to interview prep, that’s a serious swath of brand recognition.

Working with a staffing agency like 52 Limited is a great way to get your foot in the door at places like Nike. Nearly everything you could hope to learn about this process is captured in this action-packed two minute segment with one of our amazing talent managers. Can you imagine what it’s like actually having a discussion with her? Pure gold. From the basics of contracting at Nike to the best uses of your time once on campus, it’s here for you.

But what about the interview itself? In this segment our senior creative talent manager shares a few thoughts on what you should know before going to an interview at Nike. Short version: Do your research, know what to wear and consult a map – the Nike campus is a city onto its own.

Besides allowing you to work on the cutting edge of design and marketing in 2016, Nike experience just plain looks great on a resume. If you wish to be considered for these kinds of opportunities, sign up for our email list and submit your resume. Good luck!