Putting the F-U-N Back in S-E-O

  • Advertising

Written for 52′s blog by Andy Y.  You are the man Andy.

Let’s face it. SEO, the great digital hope for agencies and the clients they serve, has come to have a stigma of boredom attached to it for writers that is the equivalent of watching paint dry. I can say this because I currently write, and have written, a lot of SEO. I’ve written SEO in the form of blogs, websites and directories, and usually about subjects that I have little to no previous experience with, or understanding of.

At first it feels a little like an actor doing research for an upcoming role, until you realize the specialist that was going to show you the ropes of your assumed trade isn’t on the way and that you have 2,400 words to write before the end of the day…about large format printers. On the occasions that I have found myself in this exact situation, instead of regurgitating facts found on various sites, I tend to go back to a principle we sometimes forget in copywriting; write what you know. For me this boils down to the following:

  1. Pinot Noir

  2. Pecan Waffles

  3. Rare Soul 7” Records

  4. Farmer’s Markets

  5. Vintage Drum Kits

Let’s take farmer’s markets as an example and see how not only we can add key word density concerning vinyl sign printers, but make it an article that someone might at the very least find amusing enough to finish.

“You spend a lot of time and care on your vegetables. Company x understands this and wants to help your garden grow with vinyl sign printers for farmers markets.  With these vinyl sign printers for farmers markets you can constantly update your fresh vegetable list no matter what’s in season and always have it look great rain or shine. While your neighbors are out with Crayolas and sheets of butcher paper, show ‘em how a real tech savvy farmer does it when you roll up to Saturday market with a new sign in your favorite font and color, all on slick and sleek rain proof vinyl. The only thing more colorful than your carrots and beets will be the colors that you lettered your sign with. Ready to make the jump to vinyl sign printers for farmers markets? Check out the brands carried by company x below.”

How about pecan waffles to SEO “plotter for café window stickers?”

“At company x we understand that there’s nothing like a good pecan waffle and a fresh cup of coffee to sooth the soul and calm the nerves after a long day. What about your customers though? Do they know this universal truth? Well one way you can spread the pecan waffle gospel is through a plotter for café window stickers. With a plotter for café window stickers you can make sure everyone that passes by knows that not only do you have the best prices on pecan waffles in town, but that you also serve them hot, fresh and with love.”

Silly? Absolutely. Fun to write? Definitely. Effective? Without a doubt. After writing this series of articles, the agency I was working with saw the largest upswing in clicks to this client’s site than any articles posted before these. It’s not that I believe that in conjunction with this Waffle House stock went soaring through the roof, but that maybe I accomplished something more than just simply writing SEO. I was able to write SEO as a creative, and accomplish the true purpose of our profession, which is this: It is our job as creatives to use the client’s product to spark the imagination of the consumer.

So find your keywords, use your voice and put the F-U-N back in S-E-O.