Client Story | Clive Coffee

The Ratio Eight coffee machine built by Clive Coffee and James Owen Design won silver in the 2015 Spark Awards for product design.

Clive Coffee thrives on attention to detail.

Clive Coffee, an international eCommerce company founded in Portland by entrepreneur Mark Hellweg, made its name moving high-end coffeemakers and espresso machines into the homes of connoisseurs and quality-lovers.

The attention to detail is immediately apparent when stepping into the company’s industrial showroom on the central eastside, from the wood-paneling on the machines to the choice of typography on the pamphlets that lovingly come with each purchase.

From selling beautifully-crafted machines to making them, Mark’s newest venture is Ratio – a one-button drip coffeemaker that won international design awards while simplifying the production of great coffee.

Hellweg sought that same level of quality when sourcing an industrial designer through 52 Limited. “Just having the candidates I’m talking to from the beginning be close to what I’m looking for,” he said, “and not having to vet countless people who don’t have the right design aesthetic was really valuable to me.”

Even the most inspired entrepreneur needs some perspective when competing in the entrenched market of high-end coffee culture. “We mapped out the milestones together and thought about who we’ll need to find for each one,” he said.

Like the connections we’ve built at 52 Limited over the years, Ratio is a project assembled by hand and designed to last.