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Art Directors

Our clients – including marketing communication consultants, digital agencies, startup and brand companies – need art directors full of bright ideas, elegant solutions and unified vision. We connect seasoned art directors who specialize in advertising, footwear, apparel, retail environments and digital mediums.

Web Developers

Our clients understand the need for exceptional developers - front and back end web developers, java developers, full stack developers, database developers - in a world that increasingly looks online for business. 52 Limited works with diverse clients, including large multi-national brands and cutting-edge multidisciplinary creative agencies. We look to build relationships with developers skilled in the following and more: Drupal, PHP, HTML 5, iOS, MySQL.

Creative Directors

Our agency, brand and startup clients need creative directors who can lead the way, taking good work and making it better. We connect creative directors from all disciplinary backgrounds with clients in agency, brand and product-focused environments. 52 Limited places experienced creative directors in fulltime and project-based opportunities from New York City to spots up and down the West Coast.

Digital Producers

Our agency, design studio and startup clients seek digital producers who can wrangle complex details and developer code alike. We connect digital producers who have project management as well as tech-focused skill sets with agency and brand-side opportunities.

Mobile Developers

Many of our clients need mobile developers who love building for the small screen and have the portfolio to prove it. 52 Limited connects remarkable clients with solid mobile developers. Do you speak the latest mobile programming languages? We would love to meet you.

Brand Strategists

Our brand, agency and startup clients look to 52 Limited for seasoned strategy and planning professionals. We seek brand strategists who have marketing communication, organizational development, product and digital experience. Our diverse client roster has both business-to-consumer and business-to-business project-based needs.

Graphic Designers

Our far-reaching client list always needs graphic designers - visual speakers and inventors of logos, collateral pieces, print ads and digital elements. 52 Limited connects great clients with talented graphic designers from design agencies to large brands.


Our agency, design, startup and brand clients have projects for illustrators who help ideas come to life. We can put you to work. 52 Limited connects remarkable clients with wonderful illustrators of diverse styles.


Our agency, design, startup and brand clients need copywriters who dream up campaigns in the shower and spell out the value of a brand for breakfast. We seek content makers for web, print and product assignments. 52 Limited connects clients with outstanding copywriters and copyeditors.

Footwear Designers

Our world-class sportswear and apparel clients seek modern-day cobblers who can render footwear designs in 3D. 52 Limited connects footwear designers with contract and fulltime roles with leading clients in the industry.

Project Managers

Our diverse client portfolio constantly needs project managers who can see the forest for the trees, juggling details and the diverse needs of talented players. We place seasoned project managers in marketing communications, digital agencies and large brand roles. 52 Limited also connects technology clients with technical project managers.

Account Managers

Our agency, design, startup and brand clients seek account managers who can get people on the same page and get things done. 52 Limited connects clients with exceptional account-focused professionals. We seek candidates of all levels for the following roles: Account Coordinator, Account Supervisor, Account Manager, Director of Client Services.

Motion Designers

Our clients seek motion designers who move people simply by moving elements on the screen. 52 Limited connects agency, design, startup and brand clients with motion designers skilled in the following areas: After Effects, ActionScript 3, Flash, Cinema 4D, storyboarding and interaction design.

Presentation Designers

Our clients need Powerpoint and Keynote designers who excel at presentation software, making rough ideas look like a million bucks. We seek seasoned presentation designers with strong interpersonal communication skills for agency and brand projects.

Apparel Designers

Our world-class sportswear and apparel brand clients seek potential “Project Runway” winners to make their name elsewhere in the industry. We place seasoned designers in project and fulltime roles with diverse clients, including large international brands and well-funded startups. 52 Limited connects leading clients with talented apparel designers.

UX/UI/IA Experts

Our agency, design, startup and brand clients need UX, UI, IA experts who obsess about the experience of technology and continually seek ways to enhance the transaction. 52 Limited works with UX, UI, IA experts from all backgrounds with skills in strategy, mobile and wireframing.