Women's Center for Leadership: Taking on Taboos at Work

Friday, June 01, 1:00am - 3:00am
Join us at the stunning headquarters of Swift for an evening of food, mixing, Portland’s most interesting women, and a topic we know all too well: "TAKING ON TABOOS AT WORK". This topic is at the intersection of unconscious bias, the #MeToo movement, Time’s Up and every other conversation you have had with your girlfriends. Taboos are the topics that challenge our cozy assumptions, the circumstances that make us so uncomfortable that rather than talk about them, we agree to talk around them. But we cannot change what we don't discuss. So let’s talk. In building Swift, CEO and co-founder Liz Valentine has challenged convention and made a habit of confronting the entrenched attitudes and behaviors that hold women back. She'll share insights and advice to help others achieve greater professional success in their own careers. And you will have the opportunity to talk through solutions and meet other attendees.
As co-founder and CEO of strategic creative agency Swift, Liz Valentine could just as easily be called Chief Empathy Officer. Her blend of East-Coast hustle, fierce conviction and razor-sharp smarts has helped power Swift's rapid rise over the past decade. But a knack for nurturing employees and leading by listening is equally essential to the company's success and Liz's evolution as a leader. A University of Pennsylvania alum, she has two children, one husband, a pack of animals and a lousy ability to sit still for very long.