With the Wind and the Stars

Wednesday, August 28, 12:30am - 2:30am
At this special screening event, Rachel will show a sneak preview of her docuseries With the Wind and the Stars. Using virtual reality headsets, you'll be transported to the hangar of Canada's first 100% indigenous-woman owned airline- Iskwew Air. Founder and CEO, Teara Fraser, is a proud Metis woman who is ready to reclaim and rematriate the aviation industry from a male-dominated "old boy's club" into a thriving and inviting space where everyone belongs. You'll also get to sit in the cockpit and fly alongside Nour Utayim, a young Syrian woman training to be a pilot. Nour's father and grandfather flew for Syrian Air, inspiring her to follow in their footsteps. Then the war in Syria completely changed life as she knew it, uprooting Nour and her family, who eventually found asylum in Montreal, Canada. Now, facing a new country and a new language, Nour is training to become a flight instructor and working her way towards the airlines.
Rachel will give a presentation and host a Q+A session where guests can learn more about the art of 360 documentary storytelling, her experiences as a filmmaker, and the opportunities for diverse creatives in the VR industry today. If you're curious about virtual reality and storytelling, this event will give you actionable ideas, new connections, and helpful examples to propel your career and your artistic practice towards the immersive!
Rachel Bracker is a 360/VR filmmaker who loves using documentary to open minds and encourage understanding. She has created several immersive films as a director, editor, and producer with 360 Labs. Her stories bring viewers to the heart of the Grand Canyon, the epicenter of a forest fire, and into the living room of the world’s oldest drag queen. She is currently directing “With the Wind and the Stars”- a 360 docuseries that follows the lives of female pilots pursuing their dreams in the world of aviation. Rachel is an also an instructor at NW Documentary, where she teaches a workshop to help people from all backgrounds and experience levels create their own 360 documentary films. She loves being part of a community with fellow creatives and storytellers in Portland and is committed to making VR more diverse and accessible for all.
“I’m directing this series because I want to see more women acknowledged, celebrated, and represented in our world. When we see a woman’s story prioritized, it helps us on our individual journeys of self-actualization. Suddenly, a way forward seems possible. Inner-strength is fortified. And hopefully, dreams become reality.”