Managing Millennials

Friday, October 18, 12:30am - 2:30am
Managing Millennials helps senior team members connect with this unique generation and channel their worldview, work ethic, and digital skills for good and not evil! This workshop dispels myths and offers immediately applicable strategies for overcoming generational barriers and working seamlessly with a diverse team. Participants are encouraged to bring their toughest questions and most cringe-worthy stories for a rigorous, no-holds-barred discussion about how to be the best manager possible, while keeping their team and themselves happy and productive.
Shea Keats is a business and leadership educator and strategic coach living in Portland, OR. She uses a unique combination of savvy business skills, narrative storytelling, and intuitive questioning to help her clients build comprehensive toolkits for life, business, and beyond. She is also the co-host and creator of the podcast Camp Adulthood, where she explores the nuances of Millennial life and work with a diverse group of guests.
Shea holds masters degrees in business management and English literature from Case Western Reserve University and New York University respectively. Before establishing her own practice, she worked as the Director of Brands and Production at kinder MODERN in New York City. When she’s not working, Shea can most likely be found hanging out with her best friend and very good dog, Benson.