XR Foundations for Business

Friday, September 27, 12:30am - 3:00am
Presented by The Wild and Torch, in partnership with 52 Limited.
Extended reality (XR), the spectrum of immersive content including AR, MR, and VR, is revolutionizing workflows and changing how business gets done. XR tools, experiences, and solutions are already transforming nearly every industry—from architecture to healthcare to entertainment. If you’re not using this technology, your competitor soon will, so it’s important to understand this new tech landscape and how it relates to your business and your bottom line.
XR Foundations for Business is for professionals who want to learn more about XR, how it’s used in a professional context both internally and externally, and how to get started using these new technologies.
Join leaders from Torch and The Wild for an interactive workshop that gives you a clear understanding of how XR may impact your work, while gathering some tools to help you craft your own immersive XR strategy.
You will learn:
How virtual and augmented reality are changing how we interact with computers—and each other— and what this means for the future of business.
An introduction to the XR landscape including key concepts, players, technologies, tools, and processes.
Ways to incorporate XR into your business, even if you’re not a tech company.
Real-world examples and use cases from experts who are developing these new technologies.
Hands-on demos with gear, technology, and content.
This interactive event will include snacks, beverages, and networking with fellow professionals, as well as opportunities to try out some of these XR technologies.