Design Study Night Online: Design Study Night Online: Coding for Accessibility

Wednesday, March 24, 12:30am - 2:30am
🎨 Coding for Accessibility

Join us to discuss and learn to code for accessibility, the next step after making smart design decisions. Time to build!

More info coming soon

⏰ Agenda (Virtual event)

5:15 - Attendees may join waiting room
5:30 - Icebreakers & chatting
5:45 - Presentation on coding for accessibility
6:15 - Introduce code exercise
6:20 - Breakout rooms for exercise
6:50 - Main room for discussion
7:15 - Closing

👩🏽 About Our Speaker

Caterina Paun teaches a course on accessible coding at Portland State Univeristy.

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❓ Event + Venue Q&A

This event will be online. Please follow typical Zoom etiquette guidelines (mute when you're not speaking, share your video if you feel comfortable doing so). Thank you!