AFTER FIVE: Radical Candor

Wednesday, March 11, 12:30am - 2:30am

The After Five Lab is designed to provide a space to discuss the models and practice skills so we can apply them in our lives and work.

This month, WCL After Five will focus on the skills presented in the book Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing your Humanity, by Kim Scott. WCL shares the radical goal of ridding the world of bad bosses by encouraging us each to “care personally and challenge directly.” We’ll discuss how to:

  • Create a culture of feedback.
  • Help the people on your team fulfill their fullest potential.
  • Drive results collaboratively

WCL AFTER FIVE puts you in the center of the dialogue. Join us as we take on issues that impact your work, community and home life, including how we handle difficult conversations, give better feedback and speak up for ourselves. Each month we unpack current topics inspired by books, podcasts or articles. Pick up the book at your favorite outlet or let WCL be your shortcut. Rely on us to provide summaries to save you valuable time so you can join in on these thought-provoking conversations.