Design Study Night Online: Wait – Don’t Trash That “What’s Your Type” Quiz!

Wednesday, December 01, 1:30am - 3:30am
🎨 Wait – Don’t Trash That “What’s Your Type” Quiz!

At this workshop, we’ll find out who you are according to a few different “what’s your type” systems. But instead of using our critical minds to tear them apart, we’ll see what we can use them for. Sure, most of them don’t have scientific validity. But does that mean they have no value? Can knowing your type somehow help you – even if the type itself misses the mark? A few things we’ll dig into:

How might knowing your “type” influence how you perceive your strengths/challenges?

How might it affect your awareness of them in your daily life?

And, we’ll learn how knowing your type, even if it’s wrong, could change your behavior and performance in a positive way.

Join us in seeing what this is (or you are) all about!

⏰ Agenda (Virtual event) - TBD

5:15 - Attendees may join waiting room
5:30 - Icebreakers & chatting
5:45 - Presentation
6:20 - Breakout rooms for workshop exercise
6:35 - Main room for breakout room share, Q&A, discussion
7:15 - Closing

👩🏽 About Our Speaker

Mary conducts human factors and UX studies at Bold Insight, a global research consultancy. Her background includes a gazillion diverse roles that together look like a compassion-heavy geek (think yoga studio owner + automotive engineer). She particularly likes to explore potential, whether of an individual or a client’s product. She is certifiably a paradox: RYT-500 Yoga and Meditation Certified, NN/g UX Certified, Scrum Master Certified. Mary has an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Detroit-Mercy, and an MS in Human Factors Psychology from the University of Idaho.

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❓ Event + Venue Q&A

This event will be online. Please follow typical Zoom etiquette guidelines (mute when you're not speaking, share your video if you feel comfortable doing so). Thank you!