Cultivating Psychological Safety at Work: Using the Body & Voice

Wednesday, March 10, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

As storytellers, creators, teachers, and directors, Nikki & Cycerli believe that the body carries messages. When we lack voice, we tend towards passive aggressive communication. When our voices and bodies are in alignment, the truth of a character and the truth of our lives is present. When we learn to use our voices, we begin to diffuse chaos and tension in the body.

By training our bodies and our voices, we train the whole self to show up on and off the stage in an authentic way. We create specificity through engaging a physical, emotional, and mental self. Our own personal practices - martial arts, meditation, yoga, running, writing - allow us to know who we are at a core level. Our practice of listening invites us to change moment to moment.

In this webinar we will answer:

- What can the arts teach us about creating connection?

- Why is engaging the body important?

- How do you use your voice to inspire confidence in yourself and others?

Come prepared to write, play, and share with us as we create together along the way.