Our events.

The work comes first. But talking about the work is a close second.

Creative and technology communities need constant care and feeding to stay vital. So we do our part to provide a little inspiration, a little education, and often a venue for like-minded folks to get together.

With our series Designspeaks, for example, we’ve hosted Google Venture’s Daniel Burka and the former creative director of Lego and Starbucks Stanley Hainsworth. We’ve invited Microsoft’s Jeff Faulkner to speak in a planetarium and we did two events in 48 hours in a spit swap between Seattle and Portland. Past speakers have included Steve Sandstrom (Levi’s, Tazo, ESPN), Jelly Helm (Nike, Timbers), Aaron Draplin (North Face, Burton), and a whole team at Instrument (Google), among too many others to list here.

We're constantly developing new content, speaking engagements, fundraisers, workshops, and networking opportunities for the creative+tech set. Here are some events we think you should know about. Think of these as a sandbox for the community.