Client Story: Wieden+Kennedy

How do you impress the agency that’s seen (and done) it all? We gave them the 52 and it was a thing of beauty.


Wieden and Kennedy is a creative powerhouse. When dreaming up a stand alone team to work on the creative technologies of the future, finding the right people is onerous.


Technology and Creative are swirling together in the world of the future. 52 just happens to already live there and we know all the neighbors.


When W+K was architecting The Lodge to exist as a stand-alone agency-within-an-agency working on everything from mobile games to VR and even robotics, they knew who to call. 52 has been cultivating relationships with talented … er, how should we say this? Oddballs? for many years. We’re drawn to the people who don’t quite fit into neat categories, and this weirdness is an absolute value at a place like the Lodge. We found the unfindable people, vetted each one, and got them into the right chair at the table. This might be why W+K says we’re a ‘great partner’ with ‘stellar service.’ Cheers to that.